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Formentera Birding

Beaches of Formentera

formentera beaches

As we know, the beaches of Formentera are the most emblematic destination of this wonderful island and the most acclaimed by the public.

And that is normal, with Formentera’s wonderful white-sand beaches and its calm, crystal-clear waters makes anyone who sees a photo want to be there. Besides, any lucky person who has had the chance to experience it at some point can corroborate it.

That’s why I’ve decided to write an article for each one of them, so that you don’t miss any details. In these articles I will try to give you as much information as possible about what you will find when you visit it and everything you can do on the beaches of Formentera.

Best Beaches of Formentera

You can’t get an idea of all the false information I’ve found on the net about the best coves and beaches in Formentera, one of the reasons why I’ve written all the articles with the real information for all the names of Formentera’s beaches

Be fascinated by all the little corners the island has to offer and make your own selection of the best ones for yourself. In each of the articles you will find all the information and photos of the beaches of Formentera.

Nudist beaches in Formentera

There are many questions about which are the beaches of nudist Formentera. Well, the truth is that to see the practice of nudism in any of them is not something strange.

It is true that there are some beaches more nudist than others, but in fact the practice of nudism can be done in all of them.

In each of the articles I put specifically if it is considered a nudist beach in Formentera, so if you want to do nudism in a place where most people practice it, those will be your best choices.

Some examples are Ses Canyes or Migjorn, one of the most beautiful beaches of Formentera.

Map of the beaches of Formentera

As we know that many people want to see at a glance the location of all the beaches they can visit, so we have made a personalized map with markers to each of the coves. In addition, if you click on each of the points of the map, you can see information and go to the full article of the beach in question. Don’t wait any longer and discover the paradisiacal beaches of Formentera.