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Es Copinar

es copinar

The Es Copinar beach on Formentera is located in the southern part of Formentera, more specifically between the Arenals and Es Caló des Mort beaches. It is about 500 metres long and approximately 20 metres long on a large beach located in the Migjorn area of Formentera.

Characteristics of Es Copinar

Es Copinar has a typical white sand that we can find in most of the beaches of Formentera and the one that we all like the most. Moreover, its crystal-clear turquoise blue waters will make you fall in love, as it is usually a fairly clean and quiet beach.

It should be said that the beach at Es Cupinar is usually quite busy in the summer months, as its characteristics mean that it attracts quite a few visitors. It is also very close to Es Migjorn beach, one of the most popular areas on Formentera.

es copinar beach

It has a small car park, so if you don’t leave early in the morning, it will be difficult to leave your car there, although there are alternatives for getting there via Playa dels Arenals or Es Caló des Mort.

Moreover, it is an area where there are many hotels, so if you have stayed in that area, it can be a very viable option to visit this beach. In addition, we also have several options to eat after the visit to the beach, in the restaurant Es Cupinà or the Kiosko Bartolo. If you are planning to spend the day at the beach and want to have lunch at one of these restaurants, I recommend booking your table in advance, as they are usually quite full.

What to do in Es Copinar

At the Es Copinar beach we can do a great number of practices that will keep us entertained for almost a whole day if we take it as a day of relaxation.

As in practically all the beaches of Formentera, we can relax and enjoy the sunshine that this small paradise gives us. Furthermore, Es Copinar is a nudist beach, although it is not compulsory to do this practice if you do not wish to. If you are a fan of naturalism, you can do it without any worries.

beach es copinar

As mentioned above, we have some restaurants that are just a few meters from the beach, so after spending the whole morning in the sun, you can go and replenish your strength with an exquisite meal at the restaurant es Cupinà or the kiosk Bartolo, both of which are highly recommended.

It is also an area where diving is common, so if you are a diving lover, you can see Formentera’s most characteristic fish in complete tranquillity.

If you stay on the beach until the sun comes up, you can watch the sunset from the copinar, seeing how little by little it hides behind the Cap de Barbaria, from a quite privileged view, although, obviously, you will not be able to see it completely.

If you are a very active person and want to see different beaches in just one day, there are 2 other fantastic wonders nearby that you can visit, Playa dels Arenals if you travel to the east or Playa des Caló des Mort if you walk to the west.

es copinar formentera english

How to get to Es Copinyar

Without a doubt, this is a destination we recommend seeing if you are travelling to Formentera, so it is crucial to know how to get to Es Copinar.

To get there with your own vehicle, there is a limited car park, so we recommend that you go there early in the morning to find a place. In any case, it is not a problem, because if you do not find a place you can park on the neighbouring beaches and get there on foot with a fairly short route.

If you travel by bus, you can take line 2 and get off at the Hotel Riu stop, leaving you less than 5 minutes on foot to Es Copinyar. So thanks to the public transport you have no excuse not to visit this wonderful beach

We attach a map with the exact marker to organize your arrival to the beach.