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Formentera Birding

Estany des Peix

estany des peix

The Estany des Peix de Formentera, is one of the 2 lagoons that we can find on the island. It is located in the north of Formentera, forming part of the Ses Salines natural park with an area of 1 km2 and a maximum depth of 4 metres.

Characteristics of the Estany des Peix

The Estany des Peix has this name because of the large amount of fish farming that takes place in that area, which is why it receives this name from the Spanish translation of “Fish Lake”. As it is such an extensive lagoon, its diameter covers both the area of Sa Savina and the area of Porto Salè

Apart from being an anchoring area, which is why there are a lot of boats anchored in the area, it is also a bathing area, so it can also be called the Estany des Peix beach.

Its salinity is more or less the same as that found on any other beach on Formentera, as this pond is obviously connected by a strait to the Mediterranean Sea via the Sa Boca area (explained in the following sections).


As mentioned above (and unlike the Estany Pudent), at the Estany des Peix you can swim and enjoy more peace and quiet as it is usually a less crowded area than the most famous beaches on Formentera.

Due to its large size, the Estany des Peix beach can be divided into several areas, the most important being Estanyets, es Campament, es mur d’en Joan Blai and sa Boca, among many others.

Es Estanyets

This area is also known as Es Estanyets d’en Marroig, and is located in the western area of the tobacconist’s, created artificially with the intention of harvesting and exploiting the salt.

However, this idea, which had been held during the 20th century, did not come to fruition, so the saltworks were completely withdrawn from that area. Some time later, the idea was taken to use it as a wharf, its main function at present

Sa Boca

As already mentioned, the mouth of s’Estany des Peix is the small marine pass that connects the entire pond to the sea. It is about 50 metres in size, so the areas that delimit this strait receive their own name:

  • Punta de sa Boca: This is the part that juts out from the Sa Savina area, about 50 metres wide and 200 metres long. It is basically a rocky surface, so little vegetation can be seen, although the part facing the sea can be seen some dunes.
  • L’estretaroll de sa Boca: On the opposite side we can see something totally different, as in this area we can see some vegetation among different species of bushes and junipers. Like the other part, it is practically formed of rocks, although small coves can also be seen in the area facing the sea.


What to do on the Estany des Peix beach

In the Estany des Peix Beach you can do many different things, and it is a perfect area to visit with the children. This is due to the shallow lake of the Estany des Peix and the absence of waves in this area, making it a place where you can find families enjoying the day at the beach.

Furthermore, as it is an area where fish are abundant, it is also a good option to go to the beach with a pair of diving goggles to see all the species of fish that are raised in this small pond.

fish lake formentera

It is also an area where we can see characteristic animals, as there are a large number of species that migrate to this area. A great example of all this are the flamingos, although they do not usually stay in the Estany del Peix because of the low vegetation that they suffer. However, it is also common to see gulls in the coastal area and the cormorant, a species native to the Balearic Islands.

Obviously, these wonderful little coves can be used to relax from a day at the beach and enjoy the sunshine it can offer us during the summer. You have to take into account that in the beach of s’Estany des Peix there are usually lifeguards, although if this one is absent it will be signalled with an orange flag, situation in which we must swim with special caution.

How to get to S’Estany des Peix

This is a fairly familiar place perfect for family visits, although it is not essential. If you want to know how to get to Estany des Peix we will offer you a guide so you can do it without any problem.

As it covers an area of 1 km2, you can visit all the parts mentioned above, so you can reach the Estany des Peix beach from different places, either by the area of Sa Savina, Porto Salè or taking the road from Sant Francesc de Xavier.

As always, we leave you the map so that you can locate yourself in the best possible way and enjoy these wonderful coves from the point you most desire.