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Ses Canyes

ses canyes formentera

Ses Canyes beach in Formentera, also called Platja des Canyers, is a small cove located in the northeast of the island, in the area of Es Pujols. It is approximately 90 metres long and 13 metres wide so you can stretch out your towel anywhere on the beach.

Characteristics of Ses Canyes

Ses Canyes cove has the typical white sand that can be found on most beaches on Formentera and the calm, crystal-clear water, a perfect place if you are looking for the essence of the Mediterranean.

It is also one of our favourite coves, as it is not usually very crowded. For this reason, it is relatively easy to find a place to put your belongings and be quite spacious, which gives us a lot of peace and allows us to be very comfortable. In this way, we find a small corner in Formentera where we can relax and enjoy our well-deserved holidays.

ses canyes beach

It should be added that nudism is allowed on Es Canyers beach, although it is not compulsory. If you are a lover of this type of practice, you may find yourself in front of one of the beaches you cannot miss in Formentera.

Moreover, we find again a cove that is part of the marine reserve of Formentera, so it is important to keep the beach clean to ensure the ecosystem of the island. Obviously, you must be respectful of the environment of Formentera no matter what beach you go to, but when it is a cove within the reserve, you must pay special attention.

As you can imagine from the previous paragraph, fishing is not allowed on Ses Canyes beach, so if you like to practice this activity you will have to find another place in Formentera that allows it.

What to do at es Canyers beach

On the beach of Ses Canyes you can do many activities that will make you never get bored.

If you go into the depths of the beach, you have a diving area, so it’s a pretty good place if you like to practice diving activities. Being inside the marine reserve, you will be able to see a great number of fish species, so if you are a marine fauna lover it can become one of your favourite places in Formentera.

beach ses canyes

As said before, it is one of the less crowded beaches during the high season, which allows you to relax or read your favourite book while you sunbathe on this incredible beach, given the more peaceful atmosphere.

If you like to swim relatively long distances, you can go several meters swimming from the white sand of Ses Canyes beach to the numerous islets in front of it, stopping to rest until you come back. It is also an area where it is common to see an animal native to the island, the cormorant, known on Formentera as ‘Corb Marí’.

ses canyes beach formentera

Additionally, if you don’t like to stay long in the same place, you can change beaches at any time due to the proximity to others that are very close to them. You have 2 alternatives: you can go up to the north of the island until you reach Sa Roqueta beach, in about 10 minutes, or go down the right side of the beach to reach the famous Platja des Pujols, in about 15-20 minutes.

How to get to ses Canyes

If you want to visit this wonderful corner of Formentera and you want to know how to get to Ses Canyes, you can use the map below to locate yourself and get there.

Access to the beach with your own vehicle is easy: although it does not have its own official car park, there is a gravel area where you can park your vehicle. Unfortunately it is often full due to its size, so you can leave your car in Es Pujols or Sa Roquete and walk there, a short distance that will make you enjoy the coast of the island. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is one of the least crowded beaches on Formentera.