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Formentera Birding

Trip to Formentera

If you are planning a trip to Formentera, in this blog you will find all the information you need to enjoy this wonderful island. It is a real paradise!

Tourist guide of Formentera

If you are thinking of travelling to Formentera you have come to the ideal place because on this website you will find everything you need to prepare your trip to Formentera. Not only is it an information page about the island, but we are going to guide you by giving you our opinion at all times based on our experience on the island. So besides being a wonderful guide of Formentera will also serve as the blog of Formentera reference.

Without a doubt, it is a small paradise in which most people I know who have had the pleasure of visiting the island have nothing else in mind but to come back, it leaves you really in love, just like I am!

What to see in Formentera

Here comes the million dollar question and the one that many people ask themselves before travelling: “things to see in Formentera”. But don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about because, although the island is small, you’re not going to run out of places to see in Formentera.

So take a seat and explore all the things to see in Formentera that I propose, each one with its own charm and reasons to be visited.

Beaches of Formentera

The most emblematic thing on the island, without a doubt, are the wonderful beaches of Formentera that all visitors seek to sunbathe, relax and be amazed by the beauty of all the coves. That is why we could not leave out its wonderful beaches in this travel guide to Formentera

Without a doubt, if you travel to the fourth largest island of the Balearics, you can’t miss any detail and visit all the possible beaches. So explore all the possibilities I propose below and be amazed at the beauty of the best coves of Formentera before your trip to Formentera.

formentera beaches


See Beaches

Places of interest in Formentera

But not everything you can see and do in Formentera is related to the beaches, as you have many more points of interest to go to in order to capture their full essence.

Below you will find a detailed guide to all the places on Formentera that you should not miss – a real luxury!

The weather in Formentera

The weather on Formentera is usually very good for tourists looking for sun. It is a fairly dry island, where it does not rain much all year round, but has a fairly high relative humidity.

I have taken the liberty of analyzing all the weather in Formentera during the year 2017 and I want to share it with you in the form of graphs. It shows everything that was happening during that year, so you can see the rain, wind and temperatures in Formentera, a very important factor when taking a trip to Formentera.

Month Average Temperature Average Wind Accumulated Rainfall
January 12,1 ºC 9,7 km/h 82,4 mm
February 13,7 ºC 9,4 km/h 12,4 mm
March 14,7 ºC 8,1 km/h 26,4 mm
April 16,1 ºC 8,7 km/h 2,8 mm
May 19,7 ºC 8,6 km/h 1,0 mm
June 24,0 ºC 9,0 km/h 5,2 mm
July 25,6 ºC 6,5 km/h 1,0 mm
August 26,5 ºC 8,4 km/h 53,0 mm
September 23,6 ºC 6,4 km/h 9,0 mm
October 21,1 ºC 6,4 km/h 24,2 mm
November 16,3 ºC 6,0 km/h 26,2 mm
December 12,8 ºC 11,7 km/h 14,8 mm
Total 18,9 ºC 8,1 km/h 258,4 mm

Temperatures in Formentera

If we analyse the table above, we can see that temperatures on Formentera tend to be quite hot, with an average temperature of around 18.9ºC throughout the year. In any case, temperatures during the first months of winter should not be underestimated, as the relative humidity of the island means that the wind chill during the winter is much lower, just as it is higher in summer.

Taking advantage of the data collected in the table on temperatures, the upper graph has been produced showing the evolution of temperatures on Formentera over the months. As you can see, temperatures begin to rise considerably from May and fall from November, so if you are planning to travel to Formentera in search of heat, these months may be the most appropriate.

The maximum heat peak occurs in the month of August, with an average temperature of about 26.5 º C. At first, it may seem that these temperatures are not so crazy if you do not have the data that the maximum temperature during this month was 34.5 º C, without taking into account that the wind chill was even higher. So if you travel to Formentera during the summer months, bear in mind that the heat is the order of the day, and you should always keep a cool bottle of water handy and apply sun cream constantly to avoid heatstroke and skin diseases.

Rains in Formentera

Formentera, as a rule, is a fairly dry island where it does not rain much all year round. For this reason, it is difficult to see a landscape of totally green fields, as rainwater is a rare commodity on this island. Anyway, let’s analyze all the data on rainfall accumulated in Formentera.

Looking at the graph on the rainfall in Formentera, in 2017 highlighted the rainfall during the month of January, which is not bad that number compared to other years in Formentera. The accumulated rainfall during 2017 was about 258mm, not a very large number if we compare it with, for example, Mallorca, another of the Balearic Islands, which almost doubled it with about 450mm.

Another of the data to highlight about the rainfall of Formentera is that the second wettest month was in August, during the summer. This data may not fit with the idea of summer in Formentera, but it has an explanation, so do not worry if you have your trip to Formentera prepared at this time. During the month of August there is always one day of the month when it rains a lot to get rid of all the water that has evaporated. For example, in the data that have been analyzed, of the 53 mm that were recorded during the month of August, about 40 mm of them fell in just one day.

Map of Formentera

The map of Formentera can be very useful to see in one go everything you can find on the island.

That’s why we have prepared a map of Formentera for you, created by ourselves, with all the things to see and the points of interest. In addition, we have personalized all the markers, so if you click on them you will be able to see the information of each specific site, with a small description, a photograph and a link that will take you to a page that will give you much more information about the site in question.

Save this guide to Formentera in your bookmarks to review any information about Formentera.